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The "ON DEMAND "site dedicated to all content related to DigitalTVADbuying. The connected TV business is growing, cordcutters are leaving traditional paid TV and the whole dynamic of planning, buying and measuring TV is dramatically changing. Every day!

Coming soon - the on demand content portal for DigitalTVADbuying.

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How should you be thinking about planning between linear TV and digital streaming TV? What about adressable and video on demand? What KPI should you be using and what measurement systems are available? What outcome measurements are possible? How does it integrate with your online video buying? What types of creative are needed and what new AD formats are there? How should you work with an SSP to run your campaigns? What about brand safety and verification? What technology suppliers and media suppliers are available? How should you use data and who can you work with and why?  Whats new this week?


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