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The Jargon and Acronyms

The industry and market is full of acronyms. Confused? Learn about your MPVD from your OTT or connected TV.

DigitalTV Advertising - What is it?

Linear vs Digital TV Advertising, what is the difference? What are the benefits of digital vs linear?

Technology Providers

Learn about or find the technology available to manage Digital TV advertising. Need a DSP to help plan, buy and measure? Find advanced measurement tools to track outcomes, audiences, incrementality to linear TV. Discover how SSP providers can execute transparent buys across all forms of Digitaltv.

Media Providers

Discover the many media providers now providing audience based digital TV advertising. Hulu, Roku, CBS All Access, Fubo TV, HBO Max, Amazon to name a few.

Latest News, Podcasts and Fireside Chats

Latest news and discussions from across the industry, media, technology, latest product launches.

Advertising Creative In The Age Of Streaming TV

What new creative formats exist for streaming TV? What considerations are needed to plan, measure and create call to action? Industry experts are here to discuss.

Planning your DigitalTV buy

Key industry experts describe best practices for DigitalTVADvertising. Audiences, screens, media providers.

DATA.  The New Weapon in TVADbuying

Data is the new weapon in digtialTVADbuying. Learn from the experts on how to build a data strategy for TV buying excellence. Leverage data to target your audience more effectively and drive outcome based TV advertising.

Launches August 1, 2020. Limited Time Offer

Buying Digital TVAds

Find out best practices from partners to buy DigitalTVADvertising, strategy to technology.

Measuring Your Digital Buy

What new measurements exist for DigitalTVADbuying? How do you combine this with traditional measurements? What new technologies are emerging? How to measure awareness to sales, online or offline.

The digitalization of Linear TV

Linear TV solutions that are helping to bring digital best practices to traditional linear TV ad buying.

Protecting Your Buy From Fraud

The OTT TV ad industry is an estimated $4bn industry and is now attracting fraud. Learn from the experts on how your $ and brand can be protected.

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